Monday, 6 July 2020

Hi there. With everything going on here, I skipped a week but I'm back. The past few days have been busy but not with writing. I have been selling things on EBAY. I have bought and sold several items before, but this time I have had as many as one hundred items for sell at a time. They are old toys that our kids grew out of and the grand kids don't like.

It has been fun watching the bidding and seeing the final result but mostly because these toys are selling for so much more than I thought they would so if you find you have a bunch of old toys from the 1980s, they might be worth something.

I am currently reading a book I found on amazon for free called House of Magic by Malia Ann Haberman. It is a young adult fantasy, but I am finding it interesting. About half way through and should have it done in the next few days.

Still living with Covid-19 around, but still not living in fear. Here in Canada we have it under some form of control unlike other parts of the world. Masks can be seen in stores, but not to a extent some places have, probably as a result of how few cases there are each day. Hope it ends soon.

I am waiting for the NHL hockey season to start back up, but I am already disappointed. It appears they are jumping into playoffs only without finishing the regular season which I understand because of time restraints. I am disappointed because I watch the stats more than the games and there are a number of players withing striking distance of milestone stats that they won't reach and that's too bad. Probably won't watch much.

Hoe this finds you all well and talk again soon.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Hi there. Another week has come and gone and now it's time to tell people how your week went. My week went fast. Too fast. There was some babysitting of our young grandsons and then a visit to my mother-in-law and the week was over. Almost no time for getting any writing or proofing done.

It was however father's day on Sunday and my two sons came for supper. Happy father's day to all you fathers and grandfathers out there. I hope it was a good day for all.

We had a big storm last week and as we were driving into town last night, we got hit with another almost as big, but this time we were driving in it instead of watching from our balcony. Luckily we didn't see any hail, but there was a ton of rain which ended up in flooding the road after we went through. Big storm.

Things continue to open up around here and even if our case numbers are up a little, we are still moving forward. The question of whether to wear a face mask or not keeps coming up. My opinion is no unless required. Required means my house, my rules, so if in your house you require a mask, such as the care center my mother lives in, then I'll either wear a mask to not go in. Always my choice.

That's it for now. Stay safe and talk again soon.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hi there. Time for another post if only a day late. It's been a busy few days. Lots of babysitting of grandsons taking up a lot of my time. The days seem to fly by.

I managed to add another chapter to my new book 'Bentley' which is a spin off from my Tannion Series. I also final proofed a couple of chapters of the fourth book in the Tannion Series, 'Tannion Future Past', which I still hope to have published this fall.  Slowly coming along, but the key word is slowly.

Things are opening up more and more here, but then we had a storm go through on Saturday that caused millions of dollars in damage. Hail the size of tennis balls and two inches of rain in an hour. Luckily we didn't have any damage nor did anyone we know, but for the people who were in the path of the hail, the damage was horrendous.

It turned out to be an interesting storm to watch from our balcony and then in the morning it was interesting to watch the news. There was almost no mention of the storm, but the stories on Covid-19 and the racial unrest that we had all seen several times before were the top news stories. It wasn't until later Sunday night and then Monday that the storm took over the news. I thought the news people would be more on top of things.

The damage included houses with the siding almost completely wiped off, house and car windows smashed, as well as flooding in some homes and major roads with cars swamped. It was quite the storm.

As we move into summer, the days are long and it is finally starting to warm up enough to spend more time outdoors, assuming it isn't raining. Might mean less time to write, but only time will tell or as the title of one of my unpublished books reads, 'Time Tells All'.

Talk again soon.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Hi there. I would love to report more on what I have been up to as far as writing and publishing goes as this is my writing blog, but I really can't. Everything is still Covid-19 and now racial discrimination. They both have devoured the headline news and rightfully so. It just doesn't leave much room for anything else to talk about.

I am still writing though even if it is slow. Added a couple of chapters to Bentley over the past weeks and am working through my last self edit of the fourth book in the Tannion Series - 'Tannion Future Past'. 

The racial discrimination news with the recent deaths and protests isn't new to this world. We don't seem to ever learn anything from our history, but things do change even if sometimes it is very slow. I have written a book on discrimination which I have tentatively called CCD, but it will eventually need a real title. A blurb about it is on this website, but it might never be published.

I am a self published author who doesn't sell many books. I would love to see all fifteen of my books in print, but that might never happen.  It costs more to publish them than I will ever get back in sales and at this point I can't afford to go ahead and publish them all. My main cost is editing as I do not want to put a  book out there that hasn't been professionally edited. I am always looking to make some sales and I will be paying to do some advertising this summer and will see how that goes. If I could get a book to break even I would be happy.

If anyone has any suggestions on places to advertise or ways to increase my sales, I would be grateful.

Sorry if this blog was a little disjointed and rambling, but I think that is me just moving with the times the way the world seems to be going.

By for now.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Hi there. I hope this finds you all safe and sound. It is an interesting if not very confusing world we live in these days. As usual it seems that we never learn from our mistakes or from history. Covid-19 isn't the first flu to go around and it won't be the last.

I find it interesting to see the two sides of the covid coin. There are those who are very afraid of it and believe that the governments of the world have and are doing everything right and everything they can do to protect them. Then there is the other side who think that what the government has done is tantamount to criminal. They have taken away our basic freedoms and doomed so many people and companies to the has-been pile.

I am of the opinion that no elected official should have the power to harm so many to save so few. That doesn't mean that the governments at all levels didn't do some things right especially in the beginning when no one was sure what we were dealing with, but after the models all proved to be wrong and the curve was more or less flattened, they continued to do more harm than good.

You can therefore see which side of the coin I am on, but enough of that and on to even worse things. The protests caused by the death of a man in Minnesota has rocked the world and here is where we have not learned from our mistakes or from the past. Has this happened in the past? Of course it has, but still there are people out there who don't get it.

Still the desire for wrecking things and looting seems to over power the desire to be heard. They do not need to go hand in hand, but there are so many out there who would take advantage of anything that happens and have no real voice in any protest.

Sometimes this is a scary world we live in, but it's all we have. If only people would understand that no matter what your position is, people need to be allowed to live.

That's it for now and stay safe until next time.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Hi there. It's a nice day here on May 18 which just happens to be a holiday in Canada. Being retired it doesn't change much for me. Will have some time for writing or maybe some editing, but I also have a small birthday party for my grandson this afternoon. He turns two.

Not much else to talk about theses days but Covid 19. That's about all the news has to offer. I'm not worried about getting it myself, but I know some people who need to isolate as they would likely not survive an attack. There is also so much data out there that I'm never sure who or what to believe. Should I wear a mask or not. Is it effective or can it make things worse. Does social distancing work and if so then why are there outbreaks among those who do.

Enough of that. I'm sure you are as sick of it as I am so on to better things. I am currently reading Jame Eyre. About twenty five percent done and so far am finding it interesting. I am also working on a tough puzzle. A thousand pieces of about 100 Volkswagen in little rectangles. So many colors the same all over the place. Getting close to the end, but it has been a fun challenge on those staying at home days.

I hope this finds all of you safe and sound.

Bye for now and talk again soon.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Hi there. It's May 11 and things might slowly be coming out of lock down around the world. We start on Thursday with some stores opening. Can't be soon enough for me. Just don't call it the new normal as so far, there is nothing normal about it.

I have added another chapter to Bentley, my spin off of the Tannion series as well I have edited a couple more chapters of Tannion Future Past getting ready to publish. I have had time to do more, but somehow not in the mood to do a lot of writing.

One thing that did happen though was I completed the genealogy project I have been working on for months and as much as it was interesting, I am very happy to be finished. I now have well over 35000 names in my genealogy file.

I have also restarted my Instagram page at Waynekind1 where I have added pictures my wife has taken on our walks and I am writing the script for my first YouTube video. I will be talking about the books I have read over the years giving some insight into what I like and the types of books out there that others might be interested in reading. I hope to have a few sessions to put on Youtube, but I need to make it interesting enough for others to want to watch.

Hope this finds you all safe and sound. Bye for now.