Monday, 18 January 2021

 Hi there. It's Monday morning and time to say a few words. Well, this is the week I start to move forward with the publication of my next book. The 4th book in the Tannion Series 'Tannion Future Past' is ready and waiting and all I need to do is pay for the cover, have someone format for me and it should be out. But, and there is a but, I would like to sell a few of the first three books in the Tannion series before I publish the 4th. In order to do that, I am going to have to do some advertising and get a little known first.

First up is Facebook. I will be adding a short post to my Facebook pages to let my friends know what I am doing and then twitter where I will try to do the same and finally, a number of paid advertising sites. It looks like most of them have either a website where I can put my book up for free, (have tried that a number of times with no success), or for a few dollars, they will put up tweets to their twitter followers. As I have done the twitter route with no success on my own, I can only hope the followers they have actually buy books.

On another note, some of the covid 19 restrictions here are being relaxed. Nothing close to what it should be, but our elected officials still see the need to follow the guidelines of the doomsayers and worst case scenario doctors. No matter what, we know they won't get it right. 

That's it for now as I try to keep it short and sweet. Wish me luck with my sales and talk again soon.

Monday, 11 January 2021

Hi there. Another week is in the books and this time we are well into the new year. I hope everyone had as good a Christmas and New Years as was possible. We did okay with having a quiet time, but now 2021 is upon us and all I can do is hope for better. That is better decisions from those who we elect to be in charge. Better ideas on how to move forward with vaccinations and restrictions. I'm not holding my breath on either of them.

I am however moving forward with my book publication. My first act is to talk to my Facebook friends and then to the rest of the world through some form of advertising. I want to publish the fourth book in the Tannion series, but first I want to sell a few books. The first three are available on Amazon and what I need is to tell everyone out there that they are available and with luck, a few will make a purchase. I have a number of websites where I plan on spending a few dollars in advertising costs, so wish me luck.

We are still locked down here in Aberta, but not as tight as other arts of the country and around the world. Our covid case numbers are coming down, but not enough for those who feel they have the power. My position has been clear and continues to be that no elected official should have the power to harm so many to save so few. At least we have the possibility of the vaccines eventually changing even the most stubborn minds. This time wish us all luck.

That's all for now until next time.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Good morning and welcome to my first post of 2021. We can all hope that this year is at least a little better that the last and for some, that won't take much. I have a short personal wish list. I hope to be able to travel sometime soon. I hope to be able to visit my family and I hope to publish the fourth book in the Tannion series, 'Tannion Future Past' early in the new year.

Tannion Future Past is the fourth of eight books I have written in the Tannion series and tells the story several years in the future where a much older Jim Tannion deals with the death of his former boss and the aging of his friends. One problem is that as Tannion can control his body that means he can control its ability to age and unless he wants to, he can look many years younger than how his friends expect him to look. Of course that isn't the only problem he has to deal with.

As I get ready to publish Tannion Future Past, I am putting on a push to sell a few of the first three to offset some of the costs. I have written 15 books so far and working on the next one, but have only published 3. I would love to have them all published, but with sales almost non-existent, the cost is on me and I'm not willing at this point to foot the bill for them all. I would love however to see them all in print.

Another hope that we all have this year is to see the last of Covid-19. Even more we wish to see the last of the rules and laws our elected officials see necessary to put this flu down. The vaccines are out so we can hope.

That's all for now, but if you are interested look me up on and see if you like what I feel is a good read.

Monday, 28 December 2020

 Hi there. I hope you all had a good Christmas weekend and I wish you all a happy and better new year. This last year is well worth saying goodbye to. With luck, we will be able to do some travelling sometime in 2021.

We had a good Christmas even with the lockdowns. No turkey, but we did have a very nice BBQ'd steak supper and had a chance to deliver presents and see our grandsons and talk to all our kids. Face time isn't the same as in person, but it's much better than a voice across space.

I made a promise to myself that I would get back into my writing in the new year and I have started already. I don't make New Year resolutions, but I am using the new year as a starting point. I have been writing Bentley, my Tannion spin off and enjoying the time. That's what it's all about for me, the enjoyment of writing, but I also hope to get the 4th book in the Tannion series published in the new year. As I've written before, I hope to make a few sales first and that will mean some form of advertising to get it started. Wish me luck.

Covid-19, and now a few variants, is still with us and sounds like it will be for a while. Our numbers appear to be going down, but we are still waiting on the vaccines to roll out and put an end to all this nonsense. With luck it will be mostly in our past in a short few months.

That's all for now and I hope all of you have a happy new year.

Monday, 21 December 2020

 Hi there. Once again it's a Monday morning and for once I have found time, (or at least remembered) to add a post to my website. It looks like  big snowstorm heading our way which could result in a white Christmas. Like so many people, a Christmas unlike any other.

We hope to have a merry Christmas, but without being able to spend time with family, will it really be as merry as we would like. I still don't think someone we all elected into office should have the power to tell us who we can or cannot have into our own homes. If we gave them the power to do what they are doing, we should also be able to take it away from them. Something to think about the next time an election comes along. It's too easy to vote for the same person over and over again because they aren't that bad and the unknowns are too unknown, but sometimes we need to take a leap.

I have been working on my book, Bentley, a little, but by now you must be saying so what. My writing has been very far down on my radar, but I hope in the new year to bring it to the top. Or at least very close to the top. I want to finish Bentley, but more importantly I want to get the 4th book in the Tannion Series published. Tannion Future Past is very close. Before I do that I want to sell 100 of my existing books which might be a very daunting challenge. 

I am also having the return of an old problem that I thought had gone away. My old website, which I can no longer access, keeps coming back even after I thought it was gone for good. If anyone can access this I would be surprised as it seems only the site dated back in 2016 is coming up. That might mean I am writing this in vain or maybe for a very future reference. 

Therefore that's all for now and talk again soon.

Monday, 14 December 2020

 Hi there. It's another Monday morning and time keeps rolling on. We are in a big lockdown here as are many places around the world. Bars and restaurants are closed except for any takeout and delivery. Hair and nail salons are closed, but stores can stay open at 15% occupancy. I heard on the news of one hair salon that did thirteen days worth of business in the last four days. Not sure that helped the pandemic, but it must have helped their bottom line just a little.

We have been doing a lot of walking and more or less finished out Christmas shopping, but for the most part, it's the weather that will slow us down more than anything. It was a cold day yesterday, but this week it's supposed to be better. Might be able to get out into the mountains for a hike on Wednesday. 

I have almost completed the major genealogy project I have been working on. It has been a consolidating and organizing project and with it complete, I can get into the next phase. I am taking an online genealogy course as well and I hope to be able to spend more time on it. I have also been busy on EBAY with my collecting. You might have heard of the Wayne Gretzky rookie hockey card that sold for well over a million dollars. I have his rookie as well, but mine isn't in that good condition so is only worth in the hundreds.

The one thing that continues to take a back seat is my writing. Maybe when I get past the Christmas season and the genealogy work, I might get back into it. My plan of having the fourth book in the Tannion series published by the end of the year is up in smoke, but it isn't dead. I have already spent the money to have it edited which means the amount I need to spend to have it published is the lesser amount and it would be foolish to not get it done. That will give me something else to do in the new year.

That's it for now. Have a good week and talk again soon.

Monday, 7 December 2020

Hi there. It seems that I am apologizing for skipping a week or two more often than not, as again it has been three weeks since I last posted. Almost sounds like the start of a confession. I can't confess to being too busy though, maybe too lazy or at least, forgetful.

Over the intervening days we have been looking after our grandson's a fair bit and we have managed to do most of our Christmas shopping, but the main part of my day seems to be caught up in genealogy. I have had a drawer full of pictures and data for years and I am now sorting through and getting them organized.

The one thing that hasn't come up high on my radar has been my writing. I can't say that I am stuck only that I don't seem to be motivated to move on. My next book 'Bentley' is still just over fifty thousand words where it has been for several weeks. I have the next few chapter thoughts but haven't typed them out yet. Once I get my genealogy project finished, maybe I will get motivated to write.

Of course the Covid-19 mess is still with us and maybe I could blame it for some of my inability to write. Normally at this time of year we would be somewhere else other than at home and often I seem to find more time to write on the road than I do at home. With vaccines on the way, maybe we will see this thing wind down in a few months and we can get back into travelling. Days I will be looking forward to.

That's about it for now. Talk again soon.