Monday, 23 March 2020

Hi there. It's Monday but somehow it doesn't feel much like the start of a new week. It's looks like a little more of the same. The streets are quiet, most of the stores are closed, the stock markets are going down again and the news is full of how many new cases and how many dead.

The good news is that we here are all alive and healthy. So far none of my family or friends have come down with the virus and we are all isolating or at best, social distancing. We have a great path along the river that isn't so busy where you can go for a walk and still stay away from everyone.

I am also still writing my next book, 'Bentley', and working towards having the 4th book in the Tannion series published. My major problem now is formatting and within that problem it is mostly adding appropriate page numbers. I want all my books to have the same look and that means the same page numbering. I haven't been able to figure that out on my own yet and have found someone who will help for a price, but I haven't gone far enough yet to make the decision to pay them. That will come in the next month or so.  So if anyone has a better idea, please email me.

I've been working on other projects as well including my collections, my kids genealogy, going for long walks and watching Netflix. As all of us are hoping, I hope this stays away from everyone and is over soon. I doubt either of those is possible, but we can hope.

I would also like to sell a few books. At this point sales are very flat and I'm not sure what would give my sales a kick start. Please send me any ideas.

Thanks and until next time.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Okay. It's been a while. Between doing some travelling and maybe being a little lazy and now this virus, I haven't been that motivated. Time to get that way especially when, like everyone else, I will be spending more time at home.  I hope Covid19 leaves you all alone and that everyone stays healthy.

Now to update you a little on what I have been doing, book wise that is. I have more or less completed the editing with one more pass through required to make sure I caught all of the editor's changes and that I didn't add any problems going over her edits. That should take a while, but it isn't my biggest problem. I need to complete the purchase for the cover, but that is already decided and I only need to make the purchase. The major problem I face is formatting.

I need to format the document before I pass it to be published. I plan on using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing but having never used it before, I think I have a lot to learn. I used Createspace in the past and I would pay them to format my document prior to publishing.  My major problem is page numbers. I want this 4th book in the series to look very similar to the first 3 and that means similar formatting and at this time I don't know how. Please send me any ideas if you have them.

I also hope to keep this blog up on a regular basis as I have tried before and failed. Maybe this time I will succeed.  Until next time.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Hi there. Another week has passed. We are into our fall trip and spending the first week in Reno Nevada. It was a two day drive in a lot of snow storms to get here and as a result I didn't get much writing done but we did make it in one piece.

Still working on the edits for Future Past (Book 4 in the Tannion Series). Getting close to the end, but still a bit to go then I will need to get it into a format I can publish and get the cover. Still a few months away, but I can see the light at the end.

A few more days in Reno and then off to Escondido California. Probably won't get much writing done, but will get to see some sunshine.

Talk again soon.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Hi there. Another week has come and gone. I am still working through the edits for book 4 in the Tannion Series - Tannion - Future Past. There were a lot of edits and my time has been limited. Getting ready to take off for the winter.

My wife and I aren't true snowbirds. We live in Canada so staying home for the winter when I don't have to makes no sense to me. Not a winter sport fan. Got to go to where it is warm or at least warmer. A true snowbird goes south to the same place every year. We tend to go south some of the time and then we stay in a variety of areas and sometimes we head to completely different parts of the world. This fall it will be the southern US but after the new year, we aren't sure. Mexico for a while and then maybe southern Europe. Time will tell.

Still working on Bentley the spin off from the Tannion series. Added a little more than a thousand words this past week and now stand over 34000 words and counting. Not sure where it is going yet and have slowed down partly due to some plot uncertainties. It will work itself out as it always does.

After the winter I hope to have the fourth book in the Tannion series published and then I need to look at marketing. I would like to sell a few books to make sure I can afford to publish the next in the series. I would love to hear from anyone who has any good sales ideas that won't cost me a pretty penny.

Talk again soon and next time from somewhere warmer.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Good morning. Another week has come and gone. I have been working through the edits on the fourth book in the Tannion series (Tannion - Future Past). Still feel like the dumb kid in grade six, but the edits are making for a better read and that is what I asked for. Looks like a very good job.

I have also had a little time for writing. Bentley, a spin off from the Tannion series, is coming along. I added another 2000 words last week which isn't too bad considering that time I spent on the edits for Future Past and the fact that it was my birthday on Saturday.

It was my birthday but it was also my oldest son's birthday. Having a child born on your birthday means children's parties for your birthday, but this year was a little better. We partied at a local brew pub. He turned 40 which might be why we didn't go to some kid's place.

This next week should bring the edits close to the end and I hope to have a few more words written but we are also getting ready to head out for the winter This year we will be spending some time in the southern US before Christmas, but then I hope to head further out after the new year. I will keep you posted.

Talk again soon.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Another week has come and gone. The big news was that I received the edited copy of Tannion - Future Past (Book 4 in the Tannion Series) back from my editor. The bad news is, getting the edits back always makes me feel like the dumbest guy in grade six. So many editorial changes, but in the end, I know it makes for a better read without changing the story.

I was also able to add another 3000 words or more to my current project. Bentley is a spin off from The Tannion Series and is currently over thirty one thousand words and growing. Not sure where it is going yet as I need some time to think about it for a while, but it will get there.

I won't have much time for the next few days though. It is my birthday on Saturday as well as my oldest son's, so we are working on some birthday plans, but you know a lot of my time will be working on the edits I just received.  It will keep me busy for a long time and then I'll need to work on getting it published.

Now if I could just talk a few people into buying some of my books it would help.

Talk again soon.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Hi there. Another week has gone by and time for another post. It has been a busy week with several things going on, but I still had a little time to write. I added almost five thousand words to my latest venture. Bentley is an action adventure novel and a spin off from the Tannion series. Bentley shows up in two of the Tannion books as a friend of Jim Tannion and he finally gets his own adventure.

Just got word that Book 4 in the Tannion Series, which has been with my editor, is almost ready. It should be in my hands by Friday this week and then the real work begins. I will take a few days to go over and accept the changes and then I have to figure out how to publish on Amazon. The first three books in the Tannion Series were published by Createspace which no longer exists and which directs me to Amazon.

I have already purchased a cover for the book, but I will have to finalize that as well. Being the first time with kindle direct publishing, it might take to the end of the year to get it out, but I will get it published. Also the fact that we will be travelling for two months before Christmas will have an impact. There should be wifi everywhere we go, so it still should happen.

That's it for this week. Have a good one and enjoy the book you are reading, but if you need something new, give Tannion a try.