Monday, 17 May 2021

Good morning, and it is a lovely morning here. Going to be  warm spring day. That's exciting, but what is really exciting for me, is the next step in getting 'Tannion - Future Past', book four in the Tannion Series, published has started. The book is off being formatted and as soon as I get it back, I will be able to purchase the back cover and spine for the  print version and hopefully within a couple of weeks, my fourth book will be published.

Of course publishing and selling are two completely different things as my sales are basically at zero. Maybe having a fourth book in the series will help, but I get the impression that as before, I am publishing books for my pleasure and almost no one else. If you haven't taken a look at my books yet, please take the time to check them out.

I have added a few more chapters to 'Bentley' my spinoff novel from the Tannion Series. It is getting closer to the end with almost seventy thousand words and counting. Still not sure how it will end, but I have a good idea. It, however, like the eleven other books I have written and not published, will probably never be published. Not unless something drastic was to change.

That's it for now and for the first time in months, I actually have some news worth talking about. Talk again soon.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Good morning. Another Monday is upon us and time to say a few words. Missed a couple of Mondays mostly as there hasn't been much to say. 

I have added another couple of chapters to my next book 'Bentley', the spinoff from my Tannion series. It is getting closer to the end as it has 67 thousand plus words and I think I have the ending in my head. My next project is to get the 4th book in the Tannion series published in the next two months. I need to buy the cover which I have already picked out and then solicit some help in formatting and maybe then it will be published.

I plan on using Amazon platform as it has taken over from Createspace which I had used before. I was happy with Createspace so I'm hoping Amazon will do as good a job. If there are any thoughts out there on whether that is the case or not, please let me know.

We are still fairly locked down because of the pandemic we are supposed to be in. People are being vaccinated and maybe it will end one day, but with the talk of a vaccine passport, I'm not sure where we are heading. Here in Alberta we are having a large number of cases, but almost no deaths and the number of people in the hospital is low compared to what it was in the last wave and very low in comparison to the number of beds available. You however will never hear that on the news.

The news is all doom and gloom with the number of cases being so high that we must all be ready to die. Bull crap is what it is but time will tell.

That's all for now. Talk again soon.

Monday, 12 April 2021

Hi there. Two more weeks have come and gone and it's time to say a few words. With what is happening in the world and around our house, there really hasn't been much to say. No one is doing much.

I have been writing and now have almost sixty five thousand words in my next book. 'Bentley' is the title of the spinoff to my 'Tannion Series' that I have mentioned many time previously. Don't know how it's going to end yet, but it's getting closer.

I have been reading as usual, but I am reading Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and I'm finding it a tough read. I know it's not a genre that I would normally enjoy and as it's an older book, the writing style is a little different, but it's more than that. I can't seem to keep the characters straight. Other than the woman telling the story to the new guy, I've been having trouble with both the female and male characters. Heathcliff is the only character that I get right all the time and now that I am more than half way through, I'm finally getting some of the others straight. Has made it a difficult read and one that I will finish and be glad to be done.

Covid 19 is still with us and I will spare you any rant. As more people get vaccinated, hopefully it will come to some sort of end by this summer. I want to do some out of country travelling this fall and won't be able to unless we get on the other side of this virus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I tentatively have May booked as my publication month for the fourth book in the 'Tannion Series'. It will not be a major release, but I will mention it here when it happens. 'Tannion Future Past' is ready to go with only a few things to figure out. Please watch for further information.

That's all for now. Talk again soon.

Monday, 29 March 2021

 Hi there. Another Monday has come and almost gone and it's time to say a few words. As the weather slowly improves, it's been a little nicer to head outside for a while. That is until last night and today. Snow last night and very strong winds made it not much fun and for the several cars and trucks in multiple car pile ups on the ice covered highways, it was downright dangerous. 

Of course Covid is still with us, but the vaccine is slowly rolling out. Of course trying to understand some of the news around that vaccine can be a little scary as well. First one of the vaccines was good for those over sixty five and then it might cause blood clots, but now maybe it's not good for those under fifty five. Who knows what to believe.

On my front, I have managed to put another chapter on the book 'Bentley', the spinoff from the Tannion Series that I have ben writing on and off for what seems to be a very long time. Maybe I'll finish it this year and maybe not. Maybe it will give me a blood clot.

Working hard on other projects though. Almost forty one thousand names in my genealogy file now and still growing but more importantly are the Facebook groups I have created to help bring the closer relatives together. There however are always a few holdouts that either never look at their Facebook accounts or have no interest in their family tree. I will keep trying though.

That's it for this week. Keep safe and talk again soon.

Monday, 22 March 2021

 Hi there. It's another Monday and another post. A little later in the day, but it's still Monday. Today is the day the government is supposed to tell us that some of the Covid restrictions have been relaxed, but my guess is that, even though the thresholds have been reached, the restrictions will remain. Assuming I'm correct, it's once again the people we hire and pay to run the place who don't really know what they are doing.

I have been writing this past week and now have another two thousand or so words added to 'Bentley' my spinoff book from the Tannion Series. It is still moving along slowly, but it is moving. I still hope to have the fourth book in the Tannion Series out this spring. With luck it will be May. I did make an attempt to sell a few books with a little advertising, but to no avail. A few pages were read, but there were no sales. I have suspended the idea for now.

Spring has sprung. The weather is improving and it's now time to get outside, walk a little more and enjoy the weather. Of course it would be nice if my knee would stop hurting, but I'll just have to walk through it.

That's it for now. Not much to say, but talk again soon.

Monday, 15 March 2021

Good Monday morning. It felt like a short week. I am a curling fan so watching the Canadian curling championship (The Brier) all week made it go fast. Also the team I was cheering for managed to win and now will go to worlds in a couple of weeks. More curling for me to watch.

I've been making some good progress on my next book 'Bentley', the spinoff from the Tannion Series. I've added another three chapters and have almost sixty thousand words and counting. The end is in sight even if I'm not sure how it is going to end.

I also finished reading an interesting book titled 'Rollback'. A science fiction novel set in the near future where aliens have been heard from and medical science has controlled most diseases and has gone as far as being able to rollback people's age. It only costs a few billion dollars, but in order to keep the person who can communicate with the aliens alive, she gets a rollback. I thought it was well written and thought out.

Covid-19 is still in the news as more vaccines are plunged into people's arms. I am old enough to be one of them, but for now have decided to opt out. I'll wait and see what the future has in store before I take that plunge. I'm still not worried about catching a disease that most likely won't kill me and one I have only a very small chance of catching.

I don't know if many of you are into genealogy but I find it very interesting. I have been doing it for years and now have set up my family group on facebook and it is slowly gathering pictures and data. It takes up a little of my time, but with the weather improving, I want to spend a little more time outside so it and my writing might not get as much attention as it had.

That's it for now Talk again soon.

Monday, 8 March 2021

 Hi there. Sorry for skipping a week. Time is still going at too fast a pace to catch up. Or so it seems. At least the weather has been nicer than what it was a few weeks back. I think maybe spring is right around the corner.

As the vaccines roll out and the number of Covid cases comes down, maybe we will be out of this mess sooner than we think. Won't be soon enough for me or many others. The summer might even look a little more like normal.

I am at 59 thousand words in my book 'Bentley', the spinoff from the Tannion series that I have been writing for what seems like years. It is a slow growth, but it is growing and I hope to finish it this year. After writing 15 books in the first 10 years of retirement, I just don't seem to have the same drive or desire.

I am enjoying watching curling on TV. If you aren't a fan, I understand. It's something you have to have grown up with for many. Too slow for some, but with understanding how difficult it is to do what they are doing on the ice, it can be an amazing sport to watch.

With the warmer weather, the walks along the river have been very enjoyable, but I am looking forward to spring. Now we all need to stay healthy and let it come to us.

That's ll for now. Talk again soon.