Thursday, 22 August 2019

Big day today. I just sent my editor the next book in the Tannion Series. Tannion - Future Past is book 4 in the Tannion Series. I wrote the Tannion Series as it came to me without any real plan.  As the story came, I wrote it down.  I also decided to publish them in the order they were written.  This results in the books not being in any real chronological order.  That's easy to see as Book 3 is the prison years while Book 2 is after Tannion gets out of prison.

Book 4 is set many years in the future and there are 4 more books waiting in the wings.  They jump around in time as well.  The idea is that once a reader has read the first book in the series, they can read any of the other books and not be lost.  Each book is stand alone after that, but there is always some tie or reference back to the first book and some growth of character throughout. Or at least I hope so.

Also today I have come up with a title for the book I had called CCD.  Color Me dead is a crime novel centered on crime and prejudice. 

Take a look at the titles to the right and see if there is anything you might be interested in and send me any comments or questions you might have.

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