Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Good morning.  Now that I am back to writing, it is good to be able to add a post here a little more often. Maybe I'll try to add one a week.  We'll see.  At this time, the fourth book in the Tannion Series (Tannion - Future Past) is still with my editor and I have now completed my initial self edit of all my books. They will need a final professional edit of course, but at least my edit is complete.  Now I am into writing again.

I have more than twenty thousand words on my next book titled Bentley. Bentley is a spin off from the Tannion Series as the main character FBI agent Lane Bentley shows up in two of the Tannion books including a large part in Tannion - Revenge (Book 8 in the Tannion Series).

Bentley picks up where Tannion - Revenge leaves off.  New York is firmly in the hands of Phil Redmond and his group, but maybe not as firmly as they thought as there is a push from another source.  Bentley gets involved and finds himself in dangerous waters where he wishes he had Tannion around to help him out, but he knows that he will have to do it by himself.

Take a look at the book list to the right and if you are interested in a new character with a different slant on life and haven't read Tannion yet, pick him up at

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