Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Hi there. Another week has gone by and time for another post. It has been a busy week with several things going on, but I still had a little time to write. I added almost five thousand words to my latest venture. Bentley is an action adventure novel and a spin off from the Tannion series. Bentley shows up in two of the Tannion books as a friend of Jim Tannion and he finally gets his own adventure.

Just got word that Book 4 in the Tannion Series, which has been with my editor, is almost ready. It should be in my hands by Friday this week and then the real work begins. I will take a few days to go over and accept the changes and then I have to figure out how to publish on Amazon. The first three books in the Tannion Series were published by Createspace which no longer exists and which directs me to Amazon.

I have already purchased a cover for the book, but I will have to finalize that as well. Being the first time with kindle direct publishing, it might take to the end of the year to get it out, but I will get it published. Also the fact that we will be travelling for two months before Christmas will have an impact. There should be wifi everywhere we go, so it still should happen.

That's it for this week. Have a good one and enjoy the book you are reading, but if you need something new, give Tannion a try.

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