Bentley - A spin off from The Tannion Series

FBI Agent Lane Bentley got to know Jim Tannion quite well in Tannion - Revenge, but after all the dust had settled and Tannion had left New York for his home in Kansas, Bentley was left behind to see where the pieces fell. Phil Redmond was left in charge when his main rivals were arrested and now he is trying the Redmond Way as Tannion told him, but will it work and will Redmond keep to his word.

Bentley has been tasked with working his way into Redmond's organization to gather enough information to be able to take him down, but Bentley is sure that would be a mistake. That is, if Redmond is working the Redmond Way. As another rival group threatens to take over and to reveal Bentley as an undercover FBI agent, the question changes from what to do with Redmond to will he even survive.

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