Monday, 25 January 2021

 Hi there. I hope your year is going well. I can at least say that I have been a little more faithful in adding to this blog each week. Of course being told to stay at home should make it more possible, but in my case even more importantly is, it turned cold.

Big day tomorrow. I threw in a few advertising dollars and tomorrow my books in the Tannion Series are being advertised on Just Kindle Books. It wasn't a lot of money and there are no guarantees, but I am hopeful that I can sell a few books. Of interest is Amazon where I have sold a few books, but have never been paid. They will only cut a check when sales reach $100 and my sales have been so dismal I haven't reached that point. I am close though and it would only take a few sales to put me over the top.

I am also looking at a few more advertising slots to spend a little more money, but I want to wait until I see what this first one does. With luck, I will make my money back. 

I have been writing again as well. My book 'Bentley', which is a spinoff from the Tannion Series, is moving along and I hope to keep it going now. I have over 53000 words and I think I have the next few chapters figured out and I hope I can come up with an ending before long. 

When I write I usually have no idea what will come next. Once I finish a chapter the next chapter often seems obvious and so on until it's done. When it seems that way to me I can only hope that the reader doesn't feel the same. I try to throw in a twist or two to keep them guessing.

That's it for now and wish me luck. If you are looking for a read, give Tannion a try.

Monday, 18 January 2021

 Hi there. It's Monday morning and time to say a few words. Well, this is the week I start to move forward with the publication of my next book. The 4th book in the Tannion Series 'Tannion Future Past' is ready and waiting and all I need to do is pay for the cover, have someone format for me and it should be out. But, and there is a but, I would like to sell a few of the first three books in the Tannion series before I publish the 4th. In order to do that, I am going to have to do some advertising and get a little known first.

First up is Facebook. I will be adding a short post to my Facebook pages to let my friends know what I am doing and then twitter where I will try to do the same and finally, a number of paid advertising sites. It looks like most of them have either a website where I can put my book up for free, (have tried that a number of times with no success), or for a few dollars, they will put up tweets to their twitter followers. As I have done the twitter route with no success on my own, I can only hope the followers they have actually buy books.

On another note, some of the covid 19 restrictions here are being relaxed. Nothing close to what it should be, but our elected officials still see the need to follow the guidelines of the doomsayers and worst case scenario doctors. No matter what, we know they won't get it right. 

That's it for now as I try to keep it short and sweet. Wish me luck with my sales and talk again soon.

Monday, 11 January 2021

Hi there. Another week is in the books and this time we are well into the new year. I hope everyone had as good a Christmas and New Years as was possible. We did okay with having a quiet time, but now 2021 is upon us and all I can do is hope for better. That is better decisions from those who we elect to be in charge. Better ideas on how to move forward with vaccinations and restrictions. I'm not holding my breath on either of them.

I am however moving forward with my book publication. My first act is to talk to my Facebook friends and then to the rest of the world through some form of advertising. I want to publish the fourth book in the Tannion series, but first I want to sell a few books. The first three are available on Amazon and what I need is to tell everyone out there that they are available and with luck, a few will make a purchase. I have a number of websites where I plan on spending a few dollars in advertising costs, so wish me luck.

We are still locked down here in Aberta, but not as tight as other arts of the country and around the world. Our covid case numbers are coming down, but not enough for those who feel they have the power. My position has been clear and continues to be that no elected official should have the power to harm so many to save so few. At least we have the possibility of the vaccines eventually changing even the most stubborn minds. This time wish us all luck.

That's all for now until next time.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Good morning and welcome to my first post of 2021. We can all hope that this year is at least a little better that the last and for some, that won't take much. I have a short personal wish list. I hope to be able to travel sometime soon. I hope to be able to visit my family and I hope to publish the fourth book in the Tannion series, 'Tannion Future Past' early in the new year.

Tannion Future Past is the fourth of eight books I have written in the Tannion series and tells the story several years in the future where a much older Jim Tannion deals with the death of his former boss and the aging of his friends. One problem is that as Tannion can control his body that means he can control its ability to age and unless he wants to, he can look many years younger than how his friends expect him to look. Of course that isn't the only problem he has to deal with.

As I get ready to publish Tannion Future Past, I am putting on a push to sell a few of the first three to offset some of the costs. I have written 15 books so far and working on the next one, but have only published 3. I would love to have them all published, but with sales almost non-existent, the cost is on me and I'm not willing at this point to foot the bill for them all. I would love however to see them all in print.

Another hope that we all have this year is to see the last of Covid-19. Even more we wish to see the last of the rules and laws our elected officials see necessary to put this flu down. The vaccines are out so we can hope.

That's all for now, but if you are interested look me up on and see if you like what I feel is a good read.