Tannion – Future Past (Book 4 in the Tannion Series)

Tannion at seventy seven was saddened by the death of the wife of his old friend Mike Rallin, but then there was even worse news.  Jackson Philips was dead.  His friend Vlad Potenlikov and his wife needed him.  They needed his support, but Vlad also needed his advice.  Philips had left Potenlikov in charge.

Tannion knew there would be problems with the transition with Philips gone, but he wasn't prepared for having to deal with Potenlikov's son. If Vlad Jr. would have been the only one Tannion had to worry about it would have been simple, but as he usually found out, things were never that simple.  There was power in Jackson Philips' position and whoever took over would have that power, and you know what they say about power.

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