Monday, 22 February 2021

Good morning. It's a lovely sunny day here with fairly warm temperatures for this time of year. How often can you say I'm better off here than in Texas. Quite the blast they have had and when you aren't ready for it, that kind of cold can do a lot of damage and that has been the case.

Busy week this week as I am a Canadian curling fan and the season has started. First the women and then the men. It will be a busy few weeks. We have occasionally come home from a long trip just for the curling.

On the Covid-19 front, vaccinations continue and so does the stupidity. Today is the day that the idiots we elected have decided to unlawfully detain people at the airport and force them to pay for a hotel room they don't want and which is completely unnecessary. People flying into Canada must have a negative test plus they must go home and stay home for two weeks, but now our elected officials have decided that's not enough. Now we need to punish them for being outside the country in the first place. Haven't they figured out that 99.9 percent of the population don't have the virus.

On the writing front, my latest attempt has me adding a book to Inkitt and it has now been read three times, but no reviews yet. I think it is an interesting read so if you are an Inkitt member, take a look at 'Time Tells All'.

That's all for now. Talk again soon.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

 Good morning. I realize that today is Tuesday, but yesterday was a holiday for many of us. so I skipped a day. Better a day late than not at all I decided.

Things are finally warming up here today after almost two weeks of very cold weather. I hope that was the end of it for this winter. It's bad enough when the people we elect tell us to stay inside, but when mother nature makes it difficult to get out it's another thing. That however never really happens. Instead of walking around outside, everyone went to the mall.

Our elected officials issued rules about how many people could shop in each store based on a small percentage of fire regulation capacity, but what that did was have stores with five people in them where they could easily stay more than double the distance apart, but leaving twenty people standing in a line with every sitting area around them full and people needing to squeeze by to go stand in a line somewhere else. Not well thought out.

I have been writing. Bentley is coming along. I managed to write a couple of chapters this last week as I slowly move it towards the end. It has been a bit of a tough haul, but hopefully I'm past the difficulties I have been having and it will move a little quicker. Still planning on publishing the fourth book in the Tannion series this year, but not getting in a rush. 

I added a book to Inkitt so if you get a chance join them, check out 'Time Tells All', It's a story about lucid dreams and what they mean to one man. It is the only place it is available as it has never been published just like the other twelve books I have written and not published. I would love to get them all out there, but still not willing to pay the price.

That's it for now as maybe I will get to go for a nice walk outside with it warming up. Stay safe and talk again soon.

Monday, 8 February 2021

 Good morning on a very cold Monday morning. Very cold here this morning and it looks like at least a week or more of this kind of weather for us. It sure would be nice to be on a nice warm beach or patio someplace, but that's not the case this year. I could blame covid, but the real blame is on our so called leaders.

No rant today though. Maybe it's just too cold. What I would like to talk about is the website If you've read previous posts of mine, you might know that I have published the first 3 books in the Tannion Series. but I have also written 12 more books. Of my 15 books, 8 are in the Tannion Series, but the second book I ever wrote after Tannion is a story that I call 'Time Tells All'. The title comes from a saying that my aunt used all the time and seemed to fit with the theme of the story.

Time Tells All is a story about dreaming and about time. What's important about the book today is that I have added it as a story on Inkitt. As I am new to Inkitt, I don't understand exactly how the site works, but it appears by me putting a book up, others will be able to read it and if enough people read and comment on it, Inkitt might decide to publish it. That's about the end of my understanding and I will have to learn more, but for now, if you are interested, take a look at my story on Inkitt and see if it's something you might like to read.

I am still working away slowly on Bentley, my spinoff from the Tannion Series and I am still looking to publish the 4th book in the Tannion Series in the next few months. The cold weather is keeping me indoors more so maybe I'll find more time to write.

That's it for now so stay safe and talk again soon.

Monday, 1 February 2021

 Hi there. It's Monday morning and this time I have some news to report. I went ahead and bought a little advertising time. It didn't cost much, but in the end, it turned out to not be worth much. I didn't see one book sold, but I did have a few pages read with Kindle Unlimited. At first it was 35 pages, but then there was an additional 391 and then the next day there was another 547 pages read. I don't know if that is where it will end or not as it is possible for people to have seen the ad and do something later, but I think that's probably it.

I don't have a great idea what having a few pages read will mean to me. I understand there is some cash value if my book gets read or at least a significant portion of it. The numbers might mean my book had a couple of reads so maybe that's a couple of dollars. No where near returning my costs. I had to try though.

On more book news, I have been writing on 'Bentley' my spinoff novel from the Tannion Series and it seems to be going better. I just need to find more time to put on it. With my genealogy work, selling things on EBAY, (as well as buying), plus having my grandsons over, I seem to be as busy as ever.

Of course this Covid crap continues and just when it seems the vaccines are rolling out, they come to a halt. At least some of the restrictions are being lifted soon, but not soon enough for me. I still believe that 'no elected official should have the power to harm so many to save so few'. I know there are a lot of people out there who won't believe me and that's okay. We will agree to disagree.

That's it for this week. Talk again soon.