Monday, 28 September 2020

 Hi there. Here it is another Monday and this time I didn't miss one. It would have been easy as right now, two of my grandsons ages 2 and 3 are here visiting and they can keep us both very busy. Often too busy to add another post, but I found a couple of minutes to quickly put down a few words.

Today I mostly want to talk about Covid-19. Here in Canada there are a few who are saying that we are into our second wave. There are provinces where the number of cases might indicate that a second wave is upon us, but we also need to look at the number of deaths as well. The death rate now is so low that using that data as the only metric, we are definitely not in a second wave.

Governments however like to keep the people scared and therefore pliable. Saying we are in a second wave makes it sound much worse than what it really is and that will allow further restrictions on the people who voted them into power.

My big question is simple, "What is the end game?" The only thing I can gather from what is happening is a simple continuation of what all elected governments are there for. They are only elected for a short period of time and their number one job is to make sure they get re-elected. They can use the corona virus to make themselves look good and the only way to do that is to scare the people who vote for them and then make it look as if they are doing the best they can to keep us all safe. 

In reality what they are doing is putting restrictions on the very people they are there to help in a situation where they are very questionable. If no one is dying, (almost no one), is there really a pandemic.

Enough rant for now and talk again soon.

Monday, 21 September 2020

 Hi there. Monday morning already and I missed the last one so thought I had better put a few words down even if there isn't much to say today. I have had a busy couple of weeks, but not because of any writing and in this case, I haven't been reading much either. I am just getting started on the book 'Little Women' and I'm finding it a little hard to get into.

What we have been doing is a lot of looking after our 2 year old grandson. He's lots of fun and has so much energy that at the end of a few hours he goes home and leaves us drained. He might even have a nap while he's with us and we are still tired. I wish I had half his energy. I would have my next book written and then some.

We did get one night of camping, or maybe it's better said, one night of sleeping in a tent. It was a cool night but we survived nicely and feel that we can do it more often. Had a nice trip with some good hikes and the tent worked.

Still lots of Covid-19 in the news as the cases seem to be going up here at home and in many places around the world. The government is still talking tough, but they don't seem to be looking at the data. The cases might be going up, but the number of people dying is staying very low. If no one is dying, is it still a pandemic. 

Face masks are becoming the norm everywhere it seems and the cases are still going up. Is there a correlation? Are the masks slowing the spread down or in fact doing nothing or worse, speeding it up? Time might tell.

Okay, that's it for now. Stay safe and talk again soon.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Hi there. Another couple of Mondays have gone by and I just now find time to write a few words. This blog is as inconsistent as hell, but it is what I have.

Not doing much writing these days. Just not in the mood. Still selling a bunch of stuff on EBAY. This time it is my collection of non-sports trading cards. I have 97 auctions up as of this moment, but will have over 150 by the end of the week.  Just getting rid of a bunch of stuff that I no longer want.

I think it might be a long winter this year. with this covid nonsense still going on, it doesn't sound like we will be going anywhere soon. That will make it long in itself, but there is also the fact that for the last 13 years we have missed most of the cold weather makes me not look to forward to spending much of this winter at home.

On the bright side, my oldest son is expecting their second child in November and my younger son will be heading to Mexico soon to stay for a few months. I am envious of him and not necessarily the lack of sleep the other will be getting. Still will be good to meet our fourth grandson.

I still hope to have the fourth book in the Tannion series published this year, but it will probably end up being 2021 before it happens. Not much drive to get it done with no sales. I also have eleven other books I would like to publish including my fantasy trilogy, but they are all on hold. Maybe one day if I live long enough.

That's it for now so stay safe until next time.