Monday, 27 April 2020

Hi there. April 27 and for the most part we are still in lock down as are so many people around the world, but it is starting to ease up in some places. Hopefully this finds all of you safe and sound, but if you are like me, I'm more worried about what the lock down is doing to people than what the virus is.

I've been keeping busy or at least as busy as I can. Taking nice long walks along the river twice a day most days, food shopping as required and a little writing.  I do have a problem though. I am trying to add page numbers to my book as my last formatting task and as I want different numbering for the chapter pages than the rest, I am having trouble learning how.  If there are any word wizards out there, I would love to hear from you. 

I am writing away on Bentley which is a spin off of the Tannion Series and will be my 16th book when finished. As I have only 3 books published, the rest wait until I can raise enough money to self publish. The cost is in the editing mostly, but with a total lack of sales, I am holding off.  I am looking into some forms of advertising both free and paid so I can sell a few more books, but as of yet haven't made the jump into actually paying for any.  Getting closer.

That's it for now. Stay safe and talk again soon.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Hi there. Is it day 999 in isolation or does it only feel that way. Hope this finds you all okay with no one too negatively impacted. I know that everyone has been impacted in one way or another, but some have it worse.

This might be a perfect time for some of the authors to put a lot of words down on paper, or at least on their laptops. Personally, not so much, but I hope to improve upon this. I have been working on a large genealogy project for the past few weeks and although it isn't over, I am changing gears and will be working more on my books. 

That was my segue. 

I am working on 'Bentley' and hope to keep the story line going. With over thirty thousand words it is about a third of the way through the story. I am also looking to get the fourth book in the Tannion series published. Of course I have been working on Bentley and publishing the fourth book for several months now so that is really nothing new. 

What might be new is a change in tactics to see if I can sell a few books. My sales are flat and I don't mean plateaued at some nice number, I mean flat at zero. I need to sell a few before I can publish and now is the time to see what I can do.

Please if you have any ideas and especially if you have a site that I can relatively cheaply buy into that has progressed your sales, I would love to hear from you.

That's all until the next time.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Hi there. The days keep moving on even in this semi-isolated world we find ourselves in. It isn't too bad at my end as there is enough to keep us busy and a nice river walk to pass some time outside. The weather is even trying to get a little nicer but no where near warm.

I hope anyone reading this is healthy both physically and mentally. This virus can take a tole on both. The good news is, it seems to be easing in parts of the world meaning it will eventually ease here as well and hopefully in weeks and not months. Time will tell or as the title of one of my books tells you, Time Tells All.

Let me tell you a little more about my book 'Time Tells All'.  First the title comes from a saying that my late aunt used often. Where most of us would say 'time will tell' she would say 'time tells all'. I dedicated the book to my aunt and uncle. It was the second book I wrote after the first in the Tannion series but to date it isn't published. It's set in a typical household in anywhere small town America. The main character starts to dream what to him are extremely intense and vivid dreams that almost seem real. His wife does some research online and finds that maybe they are real. The dreams continue and eventually come to a head in what I hope is an interesting ending. I also hope that one day I will actually publish the book. If anyone is interested in reading it ahead of time, let me know.  also there is more about it on this website along with all my titles.

That's all for now. Stay say and talk again soon.