Tannion - Revenge (Book 8 in the Tannion Series)

Book 8 in the Tannion Series sees Jim Tannion back in New York. He is only visiting though as he is attending the funeral of a good friend from back home in Kansas who was murdered in New York and being buried there.

Tannion feels it is his job to find out who killed his friend and to avenge his death but what he didn't expect was meet a girl. Letty is young, intelligent, pretty, and a woman with many skills. Tannion finds himself falling in love, something he didn't think he would ever do again. There is a problem however and only he knows it. His ability to control his body at the cellular level has allowed him to live a long life and with very little outward appearance changes. He looks to be in his thirties but is older. Much older.

Tannion moves to New York where he looks for his friends killer, finds a job, makes new friends, and falls deeper in love. As often happens though, things don't always turn out the way they are supposed to or the way they are planned and that happens to Tannion and this time in a very big way.

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