Monday, 27 July 2020

Hi there. Another week in the books and this time I found enough time to say a few words. There are still only two things in the news and Covid-19 still leads. As we get a second wave here, our mayor decides in his wisdom that we need to have mandatory masks anywhere indoors. Needless to say I am not a fan.

I do believe that the virus isn't something to be played with or ignored, and I agree that social distancing and staying home if you are sick are good ideas and masks in tight confined areas can be a good idea as well, but once again, I need to be treated like a child and told what to do.

Masks may keep you from spitting on others and others from spitting into your mouth, but how close are we standing in the supermarket. How many times have I seen people with masks on, reach up and pull it down, adjust it, pull it up, or in one case, reach inside to make it more comfortable. Considering that, in my opinion, your hands are probably where the virus will be spread from, they contaminated their masks and increased the likelihood of catching the disease.

But no, our powers to be need to treat us all as children who are not capable of assessing the risk and taking the appropriate steps. If our health care system was in trouble, I might see this differently, but we have almost no one in an ICU.

Enough rant for now. I have been heading towards the conclusion of Bentley, the spin off novel from the Tannion series that I have been working on. Still far from the end, but it's coming together nicely. Publication of the fourth book in the Tannion series is on hold for a while. Not sure when, but still thinking this year, but it might be pushed to next year. Not a concern really as no one is waiting to read it except maybe my mother.

That's it for now. Have a good week and talk again soon.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Hi there. Again it has been two weeks between posts. Just can't seem to get to it every week. Not that I'm that busy all the time, but this time I did have a bit of an excuse. I've been selling things on EBAY and Monday was packaging and shipping day last week. Posting here slipped my mind.

Covid-19 has still taken over the world and increasing in many parts especially for our neighbors to the south. Masks have become a big issue that separates us as if we needed more to do that. We can be separated enough by politics, religion, race etc that we really don't need to be split by whether we prefer to wear a mask or not.

Having said that, (my wife hates when I say that), I don't like the idea of a mask. In my opinion, they have the potential to do more harm than good. They have been proven not to be that effective, but mostly they are known to cause you to touch your face more often. This is something I have witnessed many many times as people are adjusting their masks. Still it is your decision and if your preference is to wear a mask, that is your right and I have no reason to say anything against that.

Now to writing. I have added three more chapters to my next book 'Bentley'. I know what has to happen at the end of the book, but only recently have I figured out how to get there. My mind isn't set completely yet, but it is getting closer. Like all my books as I am writing them, they are a work in progress and not designed to fit any template. My fingers will tell me what to do as they touch the keys. Either that or it will come to me just after I head for bed at night.

That's about it for this time so stay safe and talk again soon. Hopefully next Monday.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Hi there. With everything going on here, I skipped a week but I'm back. The past few days have been busy but not with writing. I have been selling things on EBAY. I have bought and sold several items before, but this time I have had as many as one hundred items for sell at a time. They are old toys that our kids grew out of and the grand kids don't like.

It has been fun watching the bidding and seeing the final result but mostly because these toys are selling for so much more than I thought they would so if you find you have a bunch of old toys from the 1980s, they might be worth something.

I am currently reading a book I found on amazon for free called House of Magic by Malia Ann Haberman. It is a young adult fantasy, but I am finding it interesting. About half way through and should have it done in the next few days.

Still living with Covid-19 around, but still not living in fear. Here in Canada we have it under some form of control unlike other parts of the world. Masks can be seen in stores, but not to a extent some places have, probably as a result of how few cases there are each day. Hope it ends soon.

I am waiting for the NHL hockey season to start back up, but I am already disappointed. It appears they are jumping into playoffs only without finishing the regular season which I understand because of time restraints. I am disappointed because I watch the stats more than the games and there are a number of players withing striking distance of milestone stats that they won't reach and that's too bad. Probably won't watch much.

Hoe this finds you all well and talk again soon.