Monday, 19 October 2020

 Hi there. Another week has come and gone. The change here has been with the weather. Cold, wind, and snow hit us this week and the winter coat came out of the closet. We were planning on a road trip, but there was enough of a storm that we cancelled until better weather. Hopefully it will warm up in a few days.

On the good new side is that I have started writing again after a several week break. I am working on Bentley which is a spinoff from my Tannion Series and as I took a long enough break, I have had to start at the beginning. It is already almost 50 thousand words in length so I know I am getting near the end, but I have found the best way to get there is to start at the beginning and work my way through it again.

I have also been selling off a little of my collection on EBAY and doing well with some of it, but I was also trying to sell a number of old VHS tapes including several Disney movies including a few of the supposedly more expensive black diamond classic. A quick look on EBAY will show you that some people think they are worth thousands of dollars. Good luck with that as I had them priced from five to twenty dollars and didn't sell one.

Covid-19 is still around and everyone is wearing masks still. My son is in Mexico and he says everyone has one on in the street. At least here we only need to wear it inside public buildings. I have ranted enough on this virus so no more today. Instead I will sign off.

Talk again soon.

Monday, 12 October 2020

 Hi there. It's Monday, but not just any Monday. Here in Canada it's Thanksgiving and in the US, it's Columbus Day. Almost time for our turkey and all the trimmings and I am getting hungry just typing about it.

Another week has gone by without any writing. Makes me wonder why I would think of this as a writing post, but it is on my website dedicated to my books so it makes sense. Just doesn't make any sense not to be writing. Busy with selling things on EBAY still and working through a few old VHS tapes I still have.

Actually there are several VHS tapes and I have a number of them on EBAY for sale. Mostly the old Disney movies, but there were a few tapes of the kids that we want to get digitized so I have been going through them looking to see what we would want to save. For example, there are tapes from our daughter's dance with two hours of dancing where she only shows up for two minutes.

Still a lot of Covid-19 going on and the only thing I will say today is that even if the case numbers are going up the deaths are still low. It comes down to the fact that if a bunch of twenty to forty year olds catch a flu and none of them end up in hospital or dead, why do we care. It's just the flu at that point.

That's all for now. Have a good holiday and talk again soon.

Monday, 5 October 2020

 Hi there. Another week has gone by and as it turns out, this day is my birthday. We are having a big family meal and drinks with friends so it will be a good evening. 

Nothing much else worth talking about. I am still trying to sell stuff on EBAY and having only a little luck. I have signed up for a free trial on as genealogy is another hobby of mine. I would like to say that writing was a hobby, but again this last week, it has been completely ignored.

I don't think I have written a word for a month or two. I have been busy as my last posts indicated, but the only reason I haven't been writing is more like writer's block and laziness. We all will find time for that which we enjoy.

Covid-19 is still around and I have ranted enough in the past for anyone to know where I stand and as governments everywhere haven't gotten any smarter, there is nothing I need to say.

Nice short one this week. Keep safe and talk again soon.