Color Me Dead

There has always been some form of prejudice in the world. Religion, color, race, sex, it really doesn't matter, it's out there. The deep south of the US has seen its share, but for some, it's only the beginning.

Given enough money, almost anything can be bought and almost everything is for sale. That includes people's time and even their values. If one looks hard enough and asks the right questions, people with similar values can always be found and be made available.

It was only a matter of time before someone with deep rooted prejudices with vast wealth decided how best to use their money to get what they wanted and to find like thinking people to work for them. Now it's only a matter of how far they can go and how good it will work. The only person to stop them happens to work at the CCD (Center of Communicable Diseases).

Color Me Dead is a stand alone, action adventure crime novel. It is complete and waiting on publication

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