Time Tells All  

Tim Dixon is a peace loving general store owner in small town America who enjoys his simple life with his wife Stacy and their two kids. He wakes up one morning and tells Stacy about a very vivid dream he had that night.  The dream continues for several nights like a serial movie and feels so real to Tim that it becomes hard for him to know when he is dreaming and when he isn't. Stacy does some research based on the information that Tim remembers and finds that what he has been dreaming may have actually happened.

Tim was happy to see the dream end, but then another starts.  Stacy finds that these new dreams also may have actually happened.  Is Tim a conduit for reincarnated thoughts and is Tim actually experiencing the final days of the men in his dreams? Is there something he's supposed to do? Then the dreams take a turn for the worse. Can he survive his dreams? Will they take over his life? It would take the dreams to end to find the answer.

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