Tannion – Undercover (Book 5 in the Tannion Series)

When Mike Rallin asks for help, who can he trust more than Jim Tannion.  Tannion isn't sure it's something he should get involved in but he’s bored and needs a change. Going undercover is something he has never done before with the FBI. But is it that much of a change from his early days. He doesn't know just how big a change it's going to be.

Rallin asks Tannion to go undercover to infiltrate a motorcycle gang in Atlantic City.  A motorcycle gang that looks to be expanding their business into an area that Tannion is not fond of.  Sex slavery.  Young Asian girls are being told that for a fee they will be brought to America but once there, they get more than what they signed up for.  At least they will unless Tannion has anything to do with it.

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