Monday, 29 March 2021

 Hi there. Another Monday has come and almost gone and it's time to say a few words. As the weather slowly improves, it's been a little nicer to head outside for a while. That is until last night and today. Snow last night and very strong winds made it not much fun and for the several cars and trucks in multiple car pile ups on the ice covered highways, it was downright dangerous. 

Of course Covid is still with us, but the vaccine is slowly rolling out. Of course trying to understand some of the news around that vaccine can be a little scary as well. First one of the vaccines was good for those over sixty five and then it might cause blood clots, but now maybe it's not good for those under fifty five. Who knows what to believe.

On my front, I have managed to put another chapter on the book 'Bentley', the spinoff from the Tannion Series that I have ben writing on and off for what seems to be a very long time. Maybe I'll finish it this year and maybe not. Maybe it will give me a blood clot.

Working hard on other projects though. Almost forty one thousand names in my genealogy file now and still growing but more importantly are the Facebook groups I have created to help bring the closer relatives together. There however are always a few holdouts that either never look at their Facebook accounts or have no interest in their family tree. I will keep trying though.

That's it for this week. Keep safe and talk again soon.

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