Monday, 15 March 2021

Good Monday morning. It felt like a short week. I am a curling fan so watching the Canadian curling championship (The Brier) all week made it go fast. Also the team I was cheering for managed to win and now will go to worlds in a couple of weeks. More curling for me to watch.

I've been making some good progress on my next book 'Bentley', the spinoff from the Tannion Series. I've added another three chapters and have almost sixty thousand words and counting. The end is in sight even if I'm not sure how it is going to end.

I also finished reading an interesting book titled 'Rollback'. A science fiction novel set in the near future where aliens have been heard from and medical science has controlled most diseases and has gone as far as being able to rollback people's age. It only costs a few billion dollars, but in order to keep the person who can communicate with the aliens alive, she gets a rollback. I thought it was well written and thought out.

Covid-19 is still in the news as more vaccines are plunged into people's arms. I am old enough to be one of them, but for now have decided to opt out. I'll wait and see what the future has in store before I take that plunge. I'm still not worried about catching a disease that most likely won't kill me and one I have only a very small chance of catching.

I don't know if many of you are into genealogy but I find it very interesting. I have been doing it for years and now have set up my family group on facebook and it is slowly gathering pictures and data. It takes up a little of my time, but with the weather improving, I want to spend a little more time outside so it and my writing might not get as much attention as it had.

That's it for now Talk again soon.

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